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Leaders - Laws of Leadership

3 Laws a Leader Should Know

Let your dreams translate to success.

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Families - Leverage Family Dynamics

Family-Stressed to Best

Families can be smooth sailing once you know these behavioral styles.  Sign up to understand what are your family strength areas and how you can move from Stressed to Best.

Individual - Grow Yourself

Uncover a new and bolder you by these steps?

Build up your sense of purpose and become more successful in every area of your life.

Delve to understand what you can do to increase your self worth plus the value you provide to others 

Youth - Youth ilead Program

Build Your Youth Character

A desirable portrait of leadership based on values that can be applicable to a student’s life — values that teenagers can admire, implement, and choose to aspire towards.  

We teach your youth to facilitate the content among their friends and peers. 

Jean is a recognized expert on working with your inner guidance to make BIG impacts being who you truly are! 

She teaches individual creators like you the awareness of conscious creating, making a difference right where you are, and enjoying heart centered results, in a way that completely seems like natural, next logical steps through her signature program "Change Your Outcomes"

Her corporate work life with large corporations like TD and individuals going through life transitions made her passionate about each individual's unique psychological framework and contribution to the world. 

She is an Executive Program Certified Member and a DISC Consultant with the Maxwell Leadership Team.  Now after her training with  some of the best minds in industries of Leadership, Sales she helps individuals in their 40’s redesign their focus with impactful strategies around mindset change to achieve greater turnarounds and wins .

Jean’s career spanned 23+ years in financial service and sales and she was often ranked as one of the top producers.  Jean managed and closed sales pipelines in credit and investment sales in millions of dollars.  

She is currently helping clients with her home-based business with 2 teens and a tween in tow which began during the infamous COVID pandemic.  

Jean also loves to give back to the community during the year with  youth leadership based programs empowering kids in the ages of 8-18.


Maxwell DISC Certified

Coaching is about "drawing you into a resonant place" where you can know what you have already asked to know, so that you can receive what you have already been asking for 

-Abraham Hicks

That's the whole point of my interaction with you

Working With Jean

What professionals had to say

Coach, Speaker and Trainer

I just wanted to let you know how great a help you have been to me in moving me forward from my "stuckness". 

What do I mean by that?  Well sometimes in life people get stuck.  It’s exactly what happened to me, and my priorities got all tangled.  That's when you, Jean, came into the picture.  You walked me through those priorities and helped me to become unhinged from, and not attached to them; especially trying to control the things out of my control.  Jean, you helped me to re-focus with a fresh new perspective and outlook on some big tasks that I HAD to get done.  From being overwhelmed, you coached me to look within, and to take the right ACTION steps.  You were instrumental in getting me to shift my thinking and mindset to set my priorities to becoming more productive.  And just like that, the “stuckness” was lifted. 

I am very grateful to you, as you allowed me to share, listening intuitively to what I was saying, and giving wonderful insight to move me forward.

I highly recommend you as a coach and mentor.


What families had to say:

Team Couple for Engaged Encounter

I found the presentation very valuable. I could categorize each and every one of our offspring into the giftedness categories presented. I found that within each family the children's personalities are very different and thus the appropriate ways of handling their behaviour are different. I personally have the most trouble dealing with the "leaders" - the ones who want their own way and don't feel a strong need to keep the peace. I need to learn more tolerance and patience with them for sure.
F.H. - Hamilton

Jean Crasta gave an awesome presentation with so much value That any mom can take away and start applying asap

Andrea Millioti - NY

What Individuals had to say:
I have always known Jean to be an open-minded person with warm welcoming smile on her face. She has been a source of sturdy support for me at a point in my life when I was emotionally frail and continues to do so. I have grown immensely in the presence of her company. She has accepted me for who I am and encourages me to take positive strides towards rebuilding my life. Her sense of perception helps me to anticipate and prepare me for the future. Her keen sense of observance picks upon my cues, which she in turn raises questions and gets me to think and analyze for myself. She has this knack of asking questions, developing a curiosity that digs deeper into my conscious and this helps me to understand my thoughts, my behavior, and ultimately the issue at hand. She is very resourceful and can come up with lots of suggestions and innovative thoughts.
Above all, Jean is easy to talk to and fun to be. She has always maintained that fine sense of balance between being a professional and a dear friend to me
S. Vaz. Toronto, ON
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