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My free mortgage service means I can only quote you the best rates.  I'll disclose mortgage rates and products that you and your banker may not even know existed.

As an Ex-Banker, I work with banks and other reputable lenders that have more leniency on a case to case basis.  Infact I work with over 150 lenders to get you the lowest rate possible.

As an independent mortgage consultant, my loyalty is to you and not the lenders.  I'll show you numerous mortgage products, not just one,  and I'll always explain the fine print.  You always get to choose the mortgage that you want.  I'll share mortgage secrets that your bankers don't want you to know about.  My relationship with my customers is based on trust, knowledge, service and integrity of the highest order.

Real Estate Services

In addition to looking after your financial needs, we also have a real estate department, which will help you to sell your present home and buy your next one (when you decide to move) at very reasonable rates.  Contact me at mortgages@jeancrasta.com

NVR Brokerage Licence #11055

I'm part of a Mortgage Team that works for you

Best Mortgage Interest Rates

No haggling. No hassles

15+ years of banking experience to get you the perfect mortgage, that best suits your needs.
It's important to find the right mortgage solutions, whether you are a first time home buyer or a third. I recognize the importance of such a big decision and offer a variety of mortgage solutions.
As part of NVR mortgages (Brokerage Licence #11055), one of the largest in Ontario, I work with several reputable lenders and there are many alternatives such as the CMHC insured low money down options for qualified buyers. I can offer 1 to 1.5% less than the going rates.
What's your Why?
Create Memories by helping your children with downpayment
Build Equity buy investing in an upcoming property
Lower your monthly debt payments to a manageable amount
Be proud of where you live, so you don't have to move if we can help
Confidence to begin Real Estate portfolio
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J Pinto
Jean is well versed with the Ontario Mortgage Industry. When I needed advice on refinancing penalties, she was quick to do her research and informed me of the penalties. Her knowledge about the housing market during the pandemic gave me the confidence to go ahead and refinance and take advantage of the lower rates. 

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Financing to purchase 2nd property
Financing for home Reno's
Decision to co-sign for adult children's home purchase
Reverse Mortgage
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